An Unusual Robbery In New York – New York From Las Vegas
An Unusual Robbery In New York – New York From Las Vegas

An Unusual Robbery In New York – New York From Las Vegas

The robbery of casinos is very common these days. In the case of a Las Vegas casino, the perpetrator acted in a somewhat unusual manner. While most of the robbers use masks to hide their faces, this time the thief concealed his face using black colored makeup. This made the mission very difficult for the police and law enforcement agencies to find the perpetrator of the theft. Apparently his idea was a success, as he walked away with $ 23,000 while threatening the cashier with a gun. Everyone thought it was a black man, even the police who carried out the investigation.

During the robbery of casinos, the public always testifies to facilitate the research. And it was indeed an important collaboration for the police for this case. In fact, someone present during the scene noticed that the tint of the thief’s face was a bit odd. It was from this information that the police continued the search. Eventually, they managed to unmask the robber. He is a 26-year-old man named Cameron James Kennedy who lives in the city itself. He was arrested and taken to answer for his actions. And according to the latest news, he risks spending 20 years in prison for this robbery.

That’s not all, the information obtained by the investigators proves that it was not his first blow. 6 years ago, he had already been arrested for bank robbery and had been sentenced to 5 years in prison. Once released, that did not prevent him from recommencing malicious acts. At the moment, the young man is under surveillance pending trial.

The city of Las Vegas, a target for thieves

This city is currently in insecurity, especially land-based casinos which are attractive targets. Since the latter are open until the early hours and are gambling dens containing large sums of money, the robbers do not hesitate to carry out their mission to their heart’s content, and most of them are armed robberies. For example, there was Harrah’s Las Vegas Hotel Casino broken into by 3 men who fled after stealing tokens. Not to mention the Ellis Island and Brewery casino, whose cash register was also broken into.

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