Filipino Wedding Customs
Filipino Wedding Customs

Filipino Wedding Customs

Filipinos are rich in practices and carry their way of life close. Due to this fact, there are a number of traditions that couples inside the Philippines will want to incorporate within their weddings.


The initial level of your Filipino wedding party is the pamamanhikan, a formal proposal wedding in which a home-owners groom travels to his potential bride’s home and asks her parents for blessings. Also this is a time for the purpose of the few to get to know one another, their respective loved ones, and talk about everything from finances to area to guests list.

Engagement Ring

Even though a diamond may be the traditional wedding band for betrothed Filipinos, some groups choose to provide a treasured home heirloom as an engagement ring rather. This is to represent her likability into their family and all their approval of her selection of partner.

Lighting the Unity Candlestick

During a Philippine marriage ceremony, both the bride and groom light a candle to filipino guy dating tips signify their families subscribing with each other as one. This is a heartwarming tradition and an important symbolic representation of the take pleasure in that they write about for one another.

Blessings from Mother & Dad

Whether they are Filipino-American, Muslim, or Christian, the wedding couple ask for their very own parents’ benefits during the wedding ceremony. This is a common custom that is still applied today.

Money Dance

At the beginning of a Philippine reception, the bride and groom perform a money move. During this routine, guests pin money to the marriage attendants’ dresses as a form of appreciation. This tradition is not only a fun way for the bride and bridegroom to receive economic gifts, nonetheless it’s the symbol of hope that they will include prosperity at the same time.

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